When and How to Bet the Favorite in Football?

While betting the underdog is quite sexy, picking the favorite or seemingly sure thing is the way many football bettors go. While the favorite is technically expected to beat the underdog, when point spreads come into play, this is not always the case.

Quite often, the favored team wins, only to fall short when up against the point spread. There are instances when it makes sense to bet on the favorite, but that bet does not always involve the point spread.

When to give points and take the favorite

A football betting pro should bet on the favorite and give points to the underdog when the favored team is playing at home. Home teams are naturally more comfortable when playing on their own turf and in front of their own fans. They are more likely to hit the higher end of expectations than they are when they are on the road.

For this reason, a bettor wishing to bet on the favorite team can do so comfortably when the favorite is at home.

When to bet the Money line and take the favorite

When the favorite is on the road, such as the Colts, the football bettor does not wish to give points. The dog has the home field advantage and the crowd roars in their favor. Because it is tough to win a game on the road, a bettor is best suited in betting the traveling favorite by way of the money line.

In addition, when a sports bettor decides to wager on the over-under, it makes sense to consider whether the favorite is playing at home or on the road. The over is far more likely to come in when the favorite team is playing at home. Likewise, when the favorite is playing on the road, the under is more likely to come in. Thus, a football bettor looking to play the over-under should normally go with the under when the dog is home, but bet the over when the dog is on the road.

When betting football, the home field advantage matters when it comes to NFL Odds. It is generally acceptable to spot the road dog points, but a football bettor wants usually wants to avoid giving points to a home team. Sure, there are instances when a hot team goes into enemy territory and is OK giving the home team points, but generally, bet the money line when taking the favorite on the road and play the point spread when betting the favorite at home.

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