Top Accessories To Keep Your Golf Shoes Looking Sharp

If you splurge on a decent pair of golf shoes, it’s a good idea to splurge a little more on accessories that will help get the most mileage from your fancy footwear.

Like any high-end product, they require a little maintenance to retain their beauty and perform their best. That’s especially true for full-grain or calfskin leather models, which can get scuffed and misshapen if not properly cared for.

If you’re the proud or prospective owner of expensive golf shoes, do yourself a favor and invest in the following items. You’ll be repaid with a better-looking, longer-lasting pair.

Shoe bag

Pretty much what it sounds like – a vessel made specifically for carrying and storing shoes. Most manufacturers offer shoe bags for their own products; you can also buy a non-branded bag. Shoe bags come in a variety of styles and materials, including nylon, mesh and leather. Nicer models feature extras like miniature storage compartments.

You can snag a good shoe bag for anywhere from $10 to $50.

Shoe trees

Those wooden, shoe-shaped objects you’ve noticed in the closet of your fashion-minded friend? Shoe trees. They do more than keep shoes from losing their shape; often made from cedar, shoe trees absorb moisture and odor, too.

Expect to spend a worthwhile $15-30 per pair.

Shoe horn

If you’ve ever wrecked the back of a shoe by repeatedly jamming your heel into it, the shoe horn will solve the problem. It’s an amazingly simple tool that works like a charm, easing the foot into place like a mother tucking in a toddler. You’ve likely got enough loose change in the couch cushions to purchase one at the nearest department store.

Polish and cleaner

White shoes require more care than dark colors and should be cleaned and polished often. Simple soap and water will do the trick for cleaning, although specialty products are reasonably priced. A quick polish will seal the shine, but make sure you use the right color for your shoes. (White polish for white shoes, brown for brown, etc.)

Leather shoes with a nubuck or brushed finish require special treatment. Apply nubuck protectant before putting them in play, and brush off any dirt or debris ASAP. Pick up some nubuck cleaner and conditioners for good measure.

Spike brush or rake

Golf shoes are prone to picking up all manner of detritus, like mud, wet grass and leaves. You can deal with the gunk the old-fashioned way, by poking at it with a tee, but it’s much easier with a spike brush or rake — implements designed to remove golf course crud with a simple stroke.

It’s best to check your shoes often during a round and immediately after, since dried mud can be a bear to get off.

Waxed shoe laces

Don’t overlook the most basic part of your shoes: the laces. A ratty, worn-out set can undo all the hard work you put into shining, polishing and storing your precious babies.

The benefit of waxed laces is their resistance to moisture, dirt and other muck. Just be sure to tie them snugly, as the wax can render laces a bit stiff.

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