Sore Knees From Running? What Causes Knee Pain…

Sore Knees From Running?

Many people experience several aches and pains as a result of their workout and I am here to help. The main focus of this will be for those of you whom get sore knees from running. However some of these recovery practices can be applied to a wide variety of injuries.

What can Cause Knee Pain?

Your pain can be caused by a variety of sources. Sometimes your knee pain will be sudden and very painful (this may be a sign something is wrong and you should check with a doctor). Other times your pain will be gradual and dull. Depending on the severity of your pain you may have different sources that cause it.

A new runner may experience some pain when they are first starting out but typically I would not worry too much about it. This is just your body getting used to your new habits. You may generally feel a variety of aches and pains in your first week or two but if they persist or get worse it may be time to stop or seek medical help.

For people that have been running for longer there are usually two types of pain that persist. The first is a sudden sharp pain. This is usually when something has gone bad (sadly :(). However it does not always mean that there is something wrong. Most of these injuries will come from a twist or irregular motion in your knee that is out of your comfort zone. This can occur from some type of trail running or trying to make sharp and quick motions. You may experience a slight tweak or actually have structural damage. Either way I would give it some time before rushing to the doctor.

I will explain how to recover in a later section if you think this is you.

For those that have a dull pain creep up over time you may be in need of some new shoes. Shoes are just like any type of sporting equipment, they degrade over time. Most of the time when someone gets a slow onset pain they should check the status of their shoes. However, these pains may become worse. If your shoes are in good condition and the pain is sticking around or progressing for some time now you may want to get it looked at.

Self Remedies and Recovery

The best way to recover from an injury is the classic R.I.C.E. (Rest Ice Compression Elevation). You will want to take some time off or go easy on your injury to give it some extra time to recover. Ice, compression, and elevation will all help your injury to reduce swelling and allow blood to get into the target area to help it heal.

The best way to heal a targeted sore area is to use ice cups. Always have these in your freezer! Fill up some paper cups with water and freeze them. When you are in need you can peel the paper off from around the ice bit by bit as you ice your knee or other target area.

When you use the ice cup you will rub it everywhere that hurts. You will get the benefit of massaging the target area as well as icing it to help it recover. The ice will melt as you go which allows it to take the shape of your body to improve the contact region that you normally can’t get with a typical ice pack.

Depending on how big your ice cup is, you will be committing 10 to 20 minutes to your injury.

This really doesn’t take to long and you can even do it while watching TV or any other leisure activity. In my experience this has drastically reduced my recovery time and helped me get back out there faster.

In regards to figuring out when is enough and needing to go to the doctor follow these few guidelines. If your injury persists despite treating it for several days to weeks you may want to get looked at. If your injury gets worse despite not doing any exercise and only your day to day activities. get it looked at. And last but not least, if you are ever insecure on weather you should get back to exercise or not because you are afraid of your injury it may be nice to get a professionals opinion to give you the confidence to get back out there.

If you are looking for more information on how to rehab you knee from injury look here. Kinetic revolution offers great knee rehabilitation programs to help you get back to full strength and reduce your chance of re-injury. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone that is struggling with knee problems to at the least check out their site.

Hope this helps!

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