Some Tips To Cure Right Slicing Of The Golf Ball. Why Does the Ball go to Right?

It goes without any objections that many people who are fond of golfing often need to ask why does the golf ball go to right? Personally, I think that every golfer always have a great deal of thing to improve and work on in order to get better golf scores, but in the majority of cases slicing the golf ball is usually a common problem.

It is worth saying that there might be many factors which go into driving your ball straight down the fairway, but still there are several tips you may follow to stop your ball from curving somewhere right. In fact you may get better score by just changing your grip, your stance, and, of course, the swing. Anyway if you follow my simple tips you have a chance to make your swing better and to improve your golf game in almost no time.

Why Does The Slice Happen in Golf?

The general slice will happen when your ball spins clockwise. In this situation the golf club will swing somewhere to the left with the end of it being turn a little bit to the right. If you change the grip of your club, it is rather possible that, the slice may be easily corrected.

If your hands are placed on your golf club in a certain manner when they are turned to the left side, you will most definitely hit the golf ball with it pointing towards the right side, therefore this will cause the golf ball to slice. A rather good rule for you to follow is that you need to be able to watch at least two knuckles on your left hand when you watch down to hit the golf ball evenly.

It is worth saying that another thing to pay more attention when correcting your failing slice is your stance or in other words the way you are standing at the moment you hit the golf ball.

It is necessary to make sure your aim is properly lined up, that it is not somewhere far to the left. The truth is that in this way, you will certainly be able to correct potential curve. Thus, you need to stand straighter in your stance, keeping your knees somewhat bent, and don’t forget to keep your shoulders properly aligned. While hitting your ball, remember that keeping the eye on it is extremely important for making swing correctly.

Curing the Slice: Easy Steps

In some cases the slice may be cured by changing your grip and your stance slightly, but in general the swing may happen to be another issue to take a look at when hitting the ball. Make sure that the shaft of the golf club is over the shoulders while you backswing and check if your club is appearing from the relevant direction.

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