Practice Swinging in the Strike Zone, Using a Batting Tee

Using a batting tee allows you to practice swinging in the strike zone, when you don’t have the luxury of a pitcher. For the beginner, using a batting tee can be the best way to practice and improve their batting skills. Even the more advanced and more experienced Baseball players can benefit from using a batting tee because it helps you to concentrate on consistency, through muscle memory and repetition factors.

Using a Batting Tee

If you have never considered using a batting tee, there are models available for young players and older players alike and you just have to adjust it to the appropriate height and start swinging. Even Major League batters will practice using a batting tee, so it shouldn’t be considered a piece of equipment for only the rookies to use because of its simple appearance. Hitting off a batting tee improves your form, your hand-eye coordination and allows you to set it up to hit curveballs, changeups and any other kind of batting situation you might encounter in the field, including practicing inside and outside pitches.

If you think that using a batting tee is mainly for T-ball players, you might be surprised to learn that the average professional baseball player might claim to make 80% of their swings, while practicing, using a batting tee.

What this means is that you need to buy a durable and well-constructed model because they need to be able to stand up to the rigorous use that devoted practice sessions and batting drills will put them through. As you are working on grooving your swing, your swing mechanics will become mentally engrained, so all you need to do is step up to the plate and start swinging those solid hits that you have trained for, once.

Brush-Top Feature

You might want to consider using a batting tee that features a brush-top for the baseball to rest on because it duplicates the action of hitting a ball suspended in the air. In addition, they can last much longer than conventional models because they are made from durable polyurethane, instead of cheap rubber. There are plenty of other popular models that are lightweight, multiple-position and even power drive trainers or hurricane trainers are available to duplicate some of the other conditions you might find in actual games. There are “stay-away” batting tees that improve your stance, while helping you train.

They are so affordable, you can find models around $100, but even the automatic deluxe models that put a new ball on the tee, are under $300!

Using a batting tee is really pretty simple because you adjust the height just below your beltline, position it on the part of the plate where you want to get your practice and while standing with your feet in normal batting stance, you start practicing your swing posture and batting mechanics. Since it’s possible to replicate different pitches, you can work on the pitches that are your biggest weaknesses in actual game play, but you can also practice hitting pitches that you have mastered, too.

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