Mayock Big Board: a Look at Mike Mayock’s Tenure and Draft Picks at the Raiders Camp

Before Mayock joined the Raiders as the General Manager, he was one of the draft coverage faces at Mt. Rushmore. He was the man to watch for everything about the NFL and people have loved his pleasant and enjoyable personality. That made his move to the Raiders to be filled with excitement from fans and players at the Raiders camp. Many wished him the best in his new endeavor from broadcasting the draft to being the main man in huge decisions for the Raiders.

The average attendance between 2008 and 2020 always attracts good crowds with the 2019 average attendance being 52,549. In 2020, the team moved its base from Oakland to Las Vegas at the beginning of the season.

So far, Mayock has been through three drafts and agency cycles and none has brought any improvement to the Raiders. Three years in a row now, the players, fans, and the entire NFL family have been keenly watching to see the Mayock big board. The first season saw them finish at 7-9 and 8-8 in the second.

The 2021 season has just begun and people are a bit skeptical about his picks this year as well. 

Mayock Big Board

Mayock Big Board

Even though the initial records aren’t always the best to test someone’s capacity as a manager in such a team, many share thoughts that Mayock’s success at the job is wanting. Even Mayock himself is a little disappointed with his performance so far. Talking in a Youtube interview with Paskal from, he voiced his disappointment with his rookies.

This conversation was sparked by a discussion about his 2020 group of rookies. The rookie class consisted of Damon Arnette, Bryan Edwards, Henry Ruggs III among others. He said some of his picks surely did not live up to their expectations in their first year. 

From the man who has been sitting on the other side of the Mock Draft, all eyes are always on his choices for green agents, trade offs and signings. The raiders seemed to take small steps forward when they slightly improved last season. The second year of the Mayock and Gruden team showed some signs of going to the playoffs but the roster does not look as strong as it should be to get to go postseason.

The Raiders have now picked linebacker Jeremian Koramoah although he is not the most conspicuous player, he is quite talented. He is an excellent defensive linebacker and he can as well rush and cover the passer. He possesses good instincts and a good run game allowing him to be where he can help best at the always at the right time.

Being the 17th overall, the Raiders have placed themselves in a good place in enhancing one side of their gameplay. 

The raiders still have some commitment to Cory Littleton and Nick Kwiatkoski who are their free agents with contacts lasting up to 2022. The two Raiders largely struggled in the previous season with Nick suffering injuries while Cory’s performance was on the lower side. That’s why the entry of Jeremiah who is both athletic and mobile makes the choice good to the team’s linebacker.

Mayock Big Board

Mayock Big Board

Also, Mayock has made all his picks for the first round without Josh Jacobs and that has made the Raiders very difficult to project. A replacement is needed for Trent Brown and that decision could be left for the head coach, Gruden, to choose. The expectations placed on Mayock are due to the fact that he understands the limitations in last offseason’s roster to enhance the Raiders pass rush and defense or the lack of it this season. Sorting these gaps can help the team that is already in the hunts for a position at the playoffs.

So far, Mayock’s tenure seems to be going south with more than just poor drafting. His first decisions and the general manager to trade Antonio Brown did not work out well either. The two years have been crowded with over-drafting making the team spend too much money on free agents which has little or no positive impact on their performance.

It seems like being in the general manager’s seat has been a tough job as Mayock has repeatedly declared that the team is not where it’s supposed to be. Well, it wasn’t going to be an easy transition moving from a broadcaster to a general manager. The change from talking about drafts to being in charge of a team is quite a change. As he gets used, maybe, the team will have a better season. 

He voiced his challenges which stem from being a lone ranger,  the owner and creator of his own content to managing people. Stakeholders are waiting to see if the Mayock big board in 2021 will enhance or deteriorate the team’s performance. Eyes are also on Gruden to see if this year will take them to the playoffs.

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