How To Play Basketball? Essential Basketball Moves For Beginners

Basketball moves are definitely what thrills fans all over the world that either enjoys watching a game or even playing it. Basically a basketball team in a competition will consist of five players who strive to score points by shooting the ball through a basketball hoop while abiding by set rules of the game. The team that finishes with most points emerges the winner. For this reason players need to master rules of the game and apply gamely moves that will not earn them fouls and give competitors an edge during competition.

Simply they have to keep on dribbling the ball and throwing it to their fellow teammates within the court boundaries or else the ball is out of bound if it crosses boundary lines.

Players most of the time finds themselves closely guarded when they are near the basket and if they are of poor skills, they end up losing the ball. For this reason they have to learn to make some complex basketball moves at the same time adding offensive touch for them to enhance their chances of finding space to execute free shots and register wins for their teams. The moves we are about to look at will require those wishing to master them to regularly practice solo. Basics when executing moves to name just a few are regular proper turns when facing the basket assuming ball position, feet should be shoulder’s width apart pointing towards the basket and flexed knees. For right handed players ball should stay on the right side.

Left hand players are required to maintain the ball on their left side.

For serious professional players a number of basketball moves that will help them gain a competitive advantage over their opponents when facing different situations in a game include:

Tackling With a Defender– Most important is to quickly note the defender’s feet positioning and take note of their defenseless foot before they are in a position to gain pivotal balance to stop you from making a move. If it happens that the defender staggers, take advantage and attack the same foot. When he is rushing towards the ball or plays with straight legs, head towards the loop and the moment he eases, aim and takes a perimeter shot. If you try a fake and the defender still heads the same direction alongside your fake, head towards the basket in opposite direction.

Faking– It ranks as the most popular of all known basketball moves. One can use ball fakes, foot fakes, shot fakes, head fakes or even eye fake to help you fool your opponent. Keep a bent knee while the ball goes up maintaining gaze in the same direction of the fake when shooting. Execute fake passes and shots quickly when the ball gets into your hand.

Direct Drive– This move is applied when there exists an open driving lane and increases chances of driving past defenders. Executed while keeping one’s head up creating way past the defense, at the same time pushing the ball forward.

Jab Step and Drive– Jab step involves making a quick short step towards the defender using one’s non-pivoted foot. When used and the defender is caught unawares, head straight towards the basket by pushing off your pivot, creating way past the defender.

Crossover Step and Drive– Used as a counter measure just in case the defender responds to the jab step. Crossover is executed quickly using same foot applied to make a jab step. Pivot foot is maintained still when crossing over with a long step past defender at the same time swinging the ball across your body.

Rocket Drive– You first move forward or backward creating a foot fake. If the defender reacts to it, rocket step is used to either set up a perimeter shot or drive to the hoop. If the defender moves forward take a long step. All these basketball moves will be most effective if you develop the ability to read your opponents regarding the ball positioning at the same time.

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