Holding The Golf Club Correctly – Placing the Club in Your Hands. Common Mistakes

I am sorry to say that but chances are, yours is wrong. It took me five long years to understand that without a good grip I couldn’t play a good round.

  • And it had lasted another 2 years before I have perfected it.
  • In fact, the majority of everyday golfers take a fundamentally unsound grip on the club.

A poor grip is one of the biggest obstacles to a game-changing breakthrough, if you don’t have a proper grip, then everything else in the swing is very likely meaningless.

When playing golf, you may use one of three grips to hold the golf club: The overlap, the interlock, or the 10-finger grip. They are similar except for the placement of the index finger of the left hand and the little finger of the right hand. You are probably familiar with these, and chances are you are using the overlap grip which is the most common one. No matter what grip you are using, placing the club in your hands is when all the mistakes happen.

Placing the Club in Your Hands: Common Mistakes

A common mistake is to set the club more in your palms, instead of in your fingers. To discover more, read following training aid:

  1. Place the club across the fingers in your left hand [for righties], from the mid-section of the forefinger to the top of the pad of the pinkie finger. And when you close your grip, the shaft should be pressed against the muscular pad of your palm and your left thumb should be slightly right of center of the grip.

If done correctly, you should see about two and a half knuckles of your left hand.

The correct position of your thumb is very important because your left thumb supports the club at the top of your backswing. So do not let your thumb go too far to the right side of center.

  1. Next, the right hand doesn’t come from underneath but from the side. When placing the club in your right hand, the shaft should be again placed along the fingers and not the palm!

Lightly close the fingers so the club is controlled by the two middle fingers. And now, your right thumb should be placed just to the left side of the center of the shaft.

At address, you want both of the the ‘V’s’ that your hands form to point toward your right shoulder. The butt end of the club points at about your belt-buckle. Here’s where using a mirror can really help.

  1. I like grip tension at about a 4 on a scale of 1-10. You hear about gripping the club like you’re holding a baby bird. You want to hold it tight enough to control its movement, but of course you don’t want to choke. Some golfers hold it tighter, imagine gripping it like a tube of toothpaste—you want to squeeze just enough paste for one brush’s worth.

I guess many of you associate power and distance (yeah that’s what’s all about folks) with a very firm grip.

But if you are thinking like this, then you are totally wrong. The faster you can swing the golf club, the farther the ball will go. That sounds right.., however the energy your body generates is transferred to the club through your hands.

Sounds right too, but here is the key: If there is too much tension on your hands, you will reduce the speed the club can travel. Remember, too much tension reduces club speed!

If you are confused, read this one more time, or visit golf training room for more detailed information.

Don’t forget what I was talking about, and remember, proper grip is a key element to your success.

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