Exercises For Jumping Higher in Basketball

When it comes to basketball, jumping is key. Whether it’s getting that height in order to achieve a blocked shot or getting up there for rebounds, jumping is an important part of the game. You can actually achieve great strength by doing certain workouts. Check out these exercises that will help you strengthen your legs so you can jump higher.

These are four sets that you can do in your driveway, at a park, in a gym, or even in any room of your house. Start with the first set and work your way through, then do the first set again. Jump as high as you can with each jump to get the maximum out of these exercises.

First Exercise

Stand up straight with your feet together. Lock your knees to isolate the calf muscles– do not bend them for the duration of the exercise. You’re going to want to use only your calf muscles for this exercise. Take your heels completely off the ground, gradually raising up on your ties.

Then start jumping from the toes as quickly as possible. Don’t put any weight on your heels or put them on the ground; you’re going to be jumping from the toes only. You’re going to do two sets of 100 jumps each for this exercise. Add 25 jumps more each week that you do this exercise until you’re regularly doing 250. Take a break after this exercise for a few minutes, hydrate, then go into the second exercise.

Second Exercise

Begin with your feet apart, a little more than shoulder width. You’re going to be positioned like you’re sitting in a chair. Bend the knees but have your waist and back straight.

Then bend down, touching the ground with your fingers. Come up off the toes so that the bulk of your weight is on the heels.

You’re going to start jumping off your heels– kind of the opposite of the first exercise. The point of this is to strengthen the muscles in your hamstrings, quadriceps, and buttocks. These in addition to stronger calf muscles will help you jump higher. Do two sets of 20, adding ten in each week until you can do two sets of 150. Again, take a quick break, hydrate, and proceed to the third exercise.

Third Exercise

For this exercise, you’ll be standing again. Put your right foot in front of your body and the left foot behind, bending to touch the ground gently with your fingers. If you have your weight on your toes, you’re positioned correctly. From where you are, jump straight up in the air from the ground.

The trick here is to switch legs in the air so that the foot that was behind is now in front and vice versa. Touch the ground with your fingertips each time before jumping up again. This will work all the muscles required to jump. You’re going to start with two sets of 20, adding 5 jumps each week until you reach two sets of fifty.

Fourth Exercise

Stand with both of your feet set to should width. For this last exercise, you’re going to want to squat down towards the ground. Think of a professional baseball catcher and how they squat, remaining on their toes. Then touch your finger tips to the ground between the feet. After this, you’re going to jump up in the air.

While you jump, put your hands straight up in the air, just as if you were going up for a rebound on the court. When you come back down tot he ground, do that same catcher’s position and touch your finger tips to the ground before jumping up again to get that rebound.

Repeat this exercise with two sets of ten jumps, adding five each week until you’re up to two sets of fifty.

Start out by doing each exercise set once, then cycle through again until you’ve done the second set. Make sure to stay hydrated and take little breaks in between before moving to the next. When you’ve done each set twice for each exercise, you’re done for the day.

Jumping higher or doing anything in sports better takes work. You’re going to have to put in the time if you want to achieve results. Do these sets four times a week at least and you’ll be guaranteed to improve your jump by at least a few inches.

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