Curing Most Common Golfing Mistakes

It is absolutely true fact that swinging aggressively is not totally a bad thing if you need to make a powerful shot. But it is worth remembering that sometimes it may be if taken too far. Remember that those golfers who make swings too aggressively basically tend to jerk their club back on the backswing, make their shot violently from the highest top of the swing. As the result they make bad shots and added great deals of strokes to their scores.

It is true that block shots usually rank high in the list of all bad shots made by golfers who tend to swing the golf club too aggressively. In fact, when driving the club and doing it aggressively golfers are usually forced to fire the bodies too fast on the downswing. That is the actual reason which causes the golf club to drop too far. Therefore, golfers either hook their shots or just block them.

Therefore if you have a tendency to block your shots, the actual reason may be that you are in a habit of swinging too aggressively. In the case you consider you do, it is imperative for you to learn to curb your impatience to improve your golf game. It is highly recommended to learn how to control your potential aggressiveness as this will surely make your shots better.

Tip One: Better Stance, Better Impact

It is true fact that if your lower part of the body goes ahead of your upper part of the body, this may most likely result in your shot being too aggressive. Remember that in the majority of cases being too quick with your upper part causes a great deal of blocked shots. So, it is quite useful to make sure you are not squatting. It is also quite desirable to slightly flex your knees.

Tip Two: Less Tilt, More Coverage

It is true fact that if you are rather aggressive, the upper part of your body often tilts somewhere to the side opposite to the target. In this case your back shoulder basically drops thus causing your golf club to drop too far away under the backswing position. In addition your path gets too inside. In the event your legs are becoming too aggressive while making a swing and your leading hip clears too soon, this may result in the challenge that your upper body falls away from the desired target.

Believe my experience that that is absolutely not good.

If you desire to eliminate your blocked shots it is really desirable to keep your upper part of the body absolutely straight during the whole durance of the performing the swing and your back shoulder must cover the ball through the impact done.

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