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What's behind those quirky Players Weekend Red Sox nicknames?

BOSTON —You may notice your favorite Red Sox players dressing, acting and playing a bit flashier this weekend and there’s a good reason for that.
The MLB Players Weekend gives players a chance to sport special jerseys for games, and each player gets to wear a nickname of his choice above his number.


Here is a look at some of the quirkier nicknames fans will see at Fenway Park this weekend and the stories behind them:
Chris Sale – STICKMAN
The six-time All-Star is taking a poke at his own lankiness. The name really is fitting. The left-handed ace stands a towering 6 feet 6 inches tall but barely touches 180 pounds on the scale.
Drew Pomeranz – BIG SMOOTH
The coolest thing about this nickname may be where it came from. Pomeranz told that David Price and Rick Porcello worked together to give him the nickname and after they did, it spread to the rest of the team and, eventually, to the rest of the world.
Brock Holt – BROCK STAR
This one almost seems too easy. Look at that hair! Holt and fellow outfielder Andrew Benintendi look as if they should be playing guitar for Def Leppard during the offseason. Rock on, Brock.
Rafael Devers – CARLITA
Devers has impressed fans and teammates alike since coming up from Pawtucket last month, but apparently, he has been trying to shake the whole “new guy” thing for his entire career. He is the youngest player on the roster, and the third baseman told the nickname means “baby face.” The 20-year-old said that even when he was playing in the Dominican Republic, he was always smiling, both on and off the field, so his friends poked fun according.
Blane Boyer – GRANDE ROJO
This one translates to “Big Red.” Have you seen that beard? It speaks for itself.
Eduardo Rodriguez – EL GUALO
The big left-hander is keeping the meaning behind his nickname a secret, so who knows what “EL GUALO” is supposed to mean?
Christian Vazquez – COLO
Boston’s catcher told that his teammates in Puerto Rico have been calling him “Colo” since he was young. He said it means “winter ball.” Maybe Vazquez is hoping to audition for “Game of Thrones” with the nickname?
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