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Pete Carroll massively in favor of elimination of 75-man roster cuts

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For the first time this year, NFL teams don’t have to make a preliminary cut from 90 to 75 players before the final game of the preseason. There will be just one set of cuts down to 53 players coming on Saturday following the conclusion of the preseason on Thursday night.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll believes it’s a decision that should have been made a long time ago.

“This is so good,” Carroll said last week. “This is the way it should have been done a long time and I’ll criticize openly on that one. This is so much better for our players because they have more guys available to play in the last game. Under the circumstances that it’s the last game, you’d like to have coaches’ decisions—who needs to play and who doesn’t need to play. But when you’ve cut down, you just knocked a bunch of guys off your roster it’s a—it just doesn’t fit right.”

Carroll’s biggest complaint was that trimming the roster to 75 players forced more regulars and starters to play in the final preseason game. The downside is that personnel departments will have an additional 480 players being released on the final weekend to parse through for potential waiver claims and possible practice squad additions. Also, one more game means one more chance for players that weren’t going to make the team to sustain injuries that force a team to cover their costs via injury settlements.

Carroll believes it’s worth it.

“This is going to be fun and we’ll scramble a little bit with the number of guys as we go through the final decisions but we’ll make it, we’ll make it. It’s not that much of a burden,” he said. “The fact that the guys have more guys to play on that day, saves guys going into the opener. That’s why—it’s for the players. It’s really for their well-being and their health and I think it’s a great choice that we made.”

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